We complete solution for data collection and labelling allows end-users not only to automatically capture information, our consumables converting facilities produce the highest quality labels, tags, tickets and ribbons to meet all of your labelling needs. We manufacture each consumable carefully by selecting tip-top materials and conducting extensive tests to ensure consistent and high-quality products. Whatever your labelling needs, be sure that you are using Genuine We supplies – We assure you with the reduces of downtime and increases productivity, making your investment worthwhile.

Contact our sales personnel now to get the “best combination” - the correct type of ribbon to print on the types of labels.

The chemical and physical properties on the surface of a label stock’s face material determine the type of thermal transfer ribbon that will be compatible. There are three main types of ribbon: Wax, Wax/Resins and Resins.

Wax Ribbons

Wax ribbons are the most commonly used ribbon type and provide an economical solution for thermal transfer. Wax ribbons can be used with comparatively absorbent uncoated face papers as well as with coated papers.

Wax/Resin Ribbons

Wax/Resin ribbons supply high performance for a variety of end-uses. The mechanical resistance of the printed image is very good. Wax/resin ribbons are intended for use with non-absorbent materials such as coated paper and films, but they can also be used with Vellum when exceptional mechanical resistance is required.

Resin Ribbons

Resin ribbons are designed for use in very demanding applications. Images printed with a resin ribbon have very high resistance to mechanical wear, solvents and heat. This type of ribbon is usually used with filmic face materials like PE, PP and PET, and comparatively less transfer ink is required to produce an opaque image.



We labels are produced in-house with the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance.

We offers Direct Thermal Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels & Synthetic Film Labels that are specially manufactured to complement the features of We printers. To ensure quality service and minimize downtime, our regional offices always carry ready stock for the most commonly used labels in the market. Please refer on the right column for facts about our printing technologies.

Shipping Labels

To meet your shipping needs, We data collection and labeling solution identity and trace goods, and transactions throughout the distribution process. With a barcoded label, automatic sensors can direct the pallet, carton, or baggage during transportation process eliminate human error and expedite the data capture process.

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labels

Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is developed for chemical hazard classfication and hazard communication through GHS labels etc. Such labels are:

Water-proof Labels
Resistant to UV Rays
Printed and Default harzardous symbols and icons.
Printers are easy to operate and manageable.

IATA Cargo Labelling

IATA Cargo labeling is an air cargo shipping label in accordance to the worldwide industry standard – IATA specifications

Food Labels

Nowadays, most people look at food labels for a healthy diet.

The Nutrition Facts Label - An Overview:

The information in the main or top section (see #1-4 and #6 on the sample nutrition label below), can vary with each food product; it contains product-specific information (serving size, calories, and nutrient information). The bottom part (see #5 on the sample label below) contains a footnote with Daily Values (DVs) for 2,000 and 2,500 calorie diets. This footnote provides recommended dietary information for important nutrients, including fats, sodium and fiber. The footnote is found only on larger packages and does not change from product to product.

In the following Nutrition Facts label we have colored certain sections to help you focus on those areas that will be explained in detail. You will not see these colors on the food labels on products you purchase.

Price Labels

Most retailers need pricing labels for the items they are selling, We has a wide choice of pricing labels in different sizes and eye-catching colours. Especially pricing labels with barcodes will reduce the inventory costs, waiting time with quicker checkout and enhanced automated reordering

Promotional Labelling – Ideal for value-added pricing requirements such as mini-buys

Pre-Printed Labels

Use when printing large volume, the promotional text can be pre-printed on the labels to paste on the items.

Blank Labels

Designed to meet store’s unique requirements. It is useful for on-demand promotional efforts (last minute stock clearance)

Print reduced price labels (WAS/NOW) on the shop floor
Real-time verification ensuring synchronization of markdown labels with register
Clearance items and perishable products can be marked with eye-catching colour labels for maximum visibility and impact
Use special pattern adhesive markdown labels for tamper resistance purposes

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+ Printer CL6xxe M10e
+ Printer DR308e - TG3xxe
+ Printer CT4 Series - CG4 Series
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