Human Resources and Payroll Software

Employees are the lifeblood of every organization. The better they are, the better qualified, trained, and managed, the more effective and profitable your organization will be. Human Resource and Payroll Software can be divided into two main areas of functionality – Payroll Software and Human Resources software.

Human Resources and Payroll Software solutions have seen widespread acceptance by the market in the Cloud and these solutions can be implemented in both an On-Premises and Cloud model. This section provides an overview of the capabilities of Human Resources and Payroll Software and functionality you should be aware of as you evaluate HCM software systems.

Human Resources Software Features: The following are some of the key capabilities of human resources software:
-    Recruitment.
-    Resume Tracking & Management.
-    Succession Planning.
-    Position Budgeting & Tracking.
-    Training/Certification Tracking.
-    Skill Set Tracking.
-    Employee Health & Safety.
-    Employee Self Service.
-    Manager Self Service.
-    Performance Management.
-    Grievance Tracking.
-    Employee Asset Tracking.
-    Organizational Charts.
-    Health Benefits.
-    Mandated Benefits.
-    Allowances.
-    Flexible Spending Accounts.
-    Pension Processing & Administration.

Payroll Software Features: The following lists some of the major functionality available in payroll software:
-    Pay Types
-    Time Clocks
-    Timesheets.
-    Leave Tracking
-    Pay Runs.
-    Payroll Processing
-    Deductions.
-    Expense Management

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