Sales Management System

Sales Management System is information systems used in marketing and sales management department to keep check sales process, which start with a sale and finish with sending invoice to customers.

When it meets Marketing Information System, they will become Customer Relationship System (CRM).

Sales Force Automation Systems (SFA) is part of the CRM system; it is a system to recode all steps accrues in the sales process, keeps trucks all information which have given by customers, helps to follow up customer requires, reduces duplication information, collects potential customers information from phone list, and oversee sales forecasting, order management, and product knowledge.

Sales Management CRM System is automating system for sales process to help salesmen organizing their entire customer accounts. Revenue increase and decrease can be affected by this system too. Also, this system can provide statistic analysis which shows how each salesman does during the sales process and sales cycles.

In addition, Sales Management CRM System is one of the sales and operational CRM technologies to increase customers’ satisfaction for the sales department.

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